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Welcome to The American Age Newsletter by me, C. Travis Webb, PhD. I am an “expert” in comparative sociology, civil religion, and running scrappy small businesses with big ambitions and tiny coffers.


Transcendence doesn’t belong to the monks. Inner peace doesn’t belong to the yoginis. God doesn’t belong to the churches, mosques, or synagogues. The secular carnival of ideas and desires offers its own opportunities for ecstasy.

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Paine Day 2018

Paine Day 2018

Motivating histories are necessary but imperfect things. Imagined communities of people become such by participating in aspirational stories of a shared past…

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July 20, 2019, 33 Years Later

July 20, 2019, 33 Years Later

Some time in 2014 I picked this up at a yard sale. It was hard to resist, for a $1, with the day of the title coming up. Arthur C. Clarke, renowned science fiction writer, published this strange, heavy book in 1986, imagining this day in 2019 that would commemorate the fiftieth anniversary of the moon landing in 1969. It’s not, Clarke was adamant, an attempt at prophecy, but (as he said of his work generally), “An inquiry into the Limits of the Possible.”

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