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What if your favorite college professors were willing to talk about everything from philosophy and politics to pop culture? This is The American Age Podcast.


Join us as we explore, provoke, and become inspired by those who are imagining a better world.


Welcome to The American Age Newsletter by me, C. Travis Webb, PhD. I am an “expert” in comparative sociology, civil religion, and running scrappy small businesses with big ambitions and tiny coffers.

Poetry & Stories

Before writing there was story, shaping our communities, structuring our experiences. Poems too have been at the center of being human from the beginning, sung around fires and committed to memory. Writing has contained these elemental impulses, but it hasn’t tamed them. The prim and the primal arise side by side. Explore that with us here. 

Poetry & Stories

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Unruly by design, contentious, polyvocal, aggressively political—a hybrid of hocks and ideals mudwrestling for crowns. Poetry has been at the center of the polis since the beginning, and we believe it can be again.


Children help us recall the first curiosity. Vulnerable, animated, trembling at the size of it all, they remind us of how wild, confusing, sad, and exciting life can be.

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In the age of social media, digital literacy, and ubiquitous video, the essay remains the best method for testing the quality of an idea. There’s no subject the essay can’t enlighten, no experience it can’t convey, no problem it can’t clarify. Dive in and come away with a sense of the peculiar, and a taste for the particular.

Medium is the Message

Memes aren’t new, and they’re not always frivolous. Much like Tibetan prayer flags the contemporary (digital) meme is a complex sign that exists in the world and points beyond it. Extending Marshall McLuhan we understand the meme to be a medium whose germinal content is the human gesture. Take a look around: you’ll find us furiously signaling at that in both between and beyond us.


What if your favorite college professors were willing to talk about everything from philosophy and politics to pop culture and love with the same kind of consideration and enthusiasm? Each week C. Travis Webb, Seph Rodney, and Steven Fullwood discuss life, culture, and art, and challenge their listeners to take fewer things for granted and all things more seriously.

The Moral Imagination

Our moral judgements are often reflexive and feel to us as familiar and intimate as our sense of taste and smell. But to share a moral vision with millions of other people is a tremendous work of the imagination. The Moral Imagination is an exploration of the ideas and events that shape this collective sense of right and wrong.

The Open Education Project

Education is culture, codified and staged for complex societies. No poem, rousing play, church, or scientific discovery has been made except on the foundational belief that education is a good unto itself. We believe in that good. The Open Education Project uses the “collective impact” approach to give young people the tools to make their way in the world. School and community resources are coordinated to provide free tutoring and volunteer opportunities for high achieving students.

Existential Party Music

Music doesn’t always bring people together, but this list does. A compilation of music from every genre with one common theme: time is like wine if you stomp its fruit with all your might.

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