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What if your favorite college professors were willing to talk about everything from philosophy and politics to pop culture? This is The American Age Podcast.


Join us as we explore, provoke, and become inspired by those who are imagining a better world.


Welcome to The American Age Newsletter by me, C. Travis Webb, PhD. I am an “expert” in comparative sociology, civil religion, and running scrappy small businesses with big ambitions and tiny coffers.

Meet Our Authors

C. Travis Webb

C. Travis Webb, PhD, is editor of The American Age.

Seph Rodney

Seph Rodney, PhD, is a staff writer and editor for the online art magazine Hyperallergic and has written for CNN, American Craft magazine, and Artillery magazine. He created a radio show in London called The Thread, broadcast on Resonance FM from 2008 to 2011. He has a forthcoming book from Routledge press on the topic of how the experience of attending an art museum has changed in the last generation. Seph was born in Jamaica and lives in the South Bronx.


Steven Fullwood

Steven G. Fullwood was born on January 15, 1966. He is an author, filmmaker, podcaster, and curator who may best be known as the archivist who founded the In the Life Archive at the Schomburg Center for Research in Black Culture, part of the New York Public Library.


John Cowie

John Cowie is a Southern California native who has lived in Incheon, Korea since 2002. He is currently a high school English composition and debate teacher and lives in relative harmony with his wife and 11-year old daughter. He enjoys long walks along the nearby sea, and often becomes irrationally angry with the lack of burritos in Northeast Asia.

Seth Perry

Seth Perry, PhD, joined the Princeton faculty in 2014. He is interested in American religious history, with a particular focus on print culture and religious authority. Perry’s most recent work

includes “The Many Bibles of Joseph Smith: Textual, Prophetic, and Scholarly Authority in Early-National Bible Culture” in the Journal of the American Academy of Religion and “Scripture, Time, and Authority among Early Disciples of Christ” in Church History. Perry’s first book, Bible Culture and Authority in the Early United States (forthcoming June 2018 from Princeton University Press) explores the performative, rhetorical, and material aspects of bible-based authority in early-national America. Perry’s work has appeared in the Chronicle of Higher Education, Common-place, The Huffington Post, and the LA Review of Books. He very occasionally posts at The Junto ( Perry was a Mellon Fellow at the McNeil Center for Early-American Studies in 2011-12.

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